Born in Corning, New York, Jason spent his formative years living throughout the continental United States, Hawaii, and most of Europe. Jason is a graduate of Virginia Tech and Johns Hopkins University. His suspense thrillers feature dynamic characters overwhelmed by extraordinary circumstances, forcing them to confront their greatest fears.

His first nonfiction piece, The 4Cs of a Meaningful and Lasting Romance, offers a candid perspective on the correlation between thriving romantic relationships and the pillars of Chemistry, Communication, Compromise, and Commitmentto help identify our innermost needs and desires, discover a renewed sense of self, and address some foremost relationship concerns.

Jason draws heavily from personal experiences and the raw emotions they evoke. With each new book, he strives to absolve readers from the monotony of their day-to-day routine and reacquaint them with the human spirit. In his words, “A life without art, without creativity or imagination, is a life without passion. And a life without passion is meaningless.”