Enemy Among Us

enemy-among-usEnemy Among Us

Enemy Among Us follows former FBI Special Agent Jim McLeary on a dangerous mission that tests his unconventional investigative skills and his determination to foster a new relationship with his estranged sons. Confronted by an adversarial female partner and an egocentric Section Chief with a hidden agenda, McLeary struggles to prevent an elusive enemy from releasing a silent weapon of mass destruction. Hindered by a tainted past, his quest for redemption in the eyes of his sons further complicates his operation and endangers the family he sets out to protect. In the end, he endures a gauntlet of double-agents, covert operatives, and a guilty conscience—before a deadly confrontation underscores his worst fears and reveals how the cost of victory may prove more than he can bear.

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★★★★★ (iTunes)

“This is an action-packed book if ever I have read one! Superb writing, skilled intertwining of characters and events! Absolutely fantastic read!”

★★★★★ (Amazon)

“I like this story from the first paragraph!”

★★★★★ (Amazon)

“Couldn’t put it down!”

★★★★★ (Amazon)

“Another good espionage thriller. Keeps you moving and I enjoyed the book very much.”

★★★★★ (Amazon)

“I recommend this book to anyone who likes a good page turner.”

★★★★★ (Amazon)

“I was impressed with the emotions, personalities, and heart of his main characters. The reader will quickly align with them, pulling for their victory.”

★★★★ (Amazon)

“Good read.”

★★★★ (Barnes & Noble)

“Good spy thriller. Made me want to read more by this author.”

★★★★ (Goodreads)

“This was a good read all the way through. Jason Melby is an author who keeps the reader’s attention to the very end.”