Without A Trace

without-a-traceWithout a Trace…

Set in the tropical paradise of Cozumel, a dream vacation becomes a family’s worst nightmare when retired Navy diver, Steve Chambers, must confront the disappearance of his wife and 16-year-old stepdaughter. Enlisting help from local authorities, the American Embassy, and Special Agents from the FBI, Steve’s quest to find his missing family takes him over land and sea. Determined to rescue his loved ones from a sinister kidnapping scheme, he inadvertently sets in motion a heart-pounding confrontation between his family and a team of ruthless fugitives who will stop at nothing to ensure their victims vanish Without a Trace…

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★★★★★ (Barnes & Noble)

“Wow, this book was exceptional! I could not put it down!!”

★★★★★ (Amazon)

“Worth reading.”

★★★★★ (Amazon)

“Great action-thriller.”

★★★★★ (Amazon)

“Great book.”

★★★★★ (Amazon)

“Suspenseful and imaginative.”

★★★★★ (Amazon)