You know it’s been a long day when…

You know it’s going to be a long day when…

  • You pull the last inch off the toilet paper roll and discover it’s the last one in the house.
  • You wake up desperate for a cup of your favorite coffee and discover you’re out of filters.
  • You back out of your driveway and hear the click-click-click of a giant screw in your new $200 tire.
  • You need the jaws of life to pry the shopping carts apart at Walmart.
  • You fill the pool four inches with the garden hose and a storm sweeps in an hour later and floods your patio.
  • You try the scale at Publix, and a prerecorded message whispers, “Put the Edy’s back!”
  • You spend two hours getting ready for your big date night and the babysitter calls to cancel.
  • You neglect to buy the new iPad warranty, then drop the damn thing in the tub the first time you use it.
  • You take your family to a favorite restaurant and find out that kids ate free the night before.
  • Your winning Lottery ticket goes through the washing machine and disintegrates to a soggy pulp.


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